Thank you for visiting the home of Lisher Law Office, your home of professional criminal law services to help you deal with the crises that life throws at you. Whether you need an experienced Criminal Defense attorney, a divorce lawyer, or a team very experienced in estate law, we can handle all of your case’s unique needs.

Having proudly been in business since 1975, Lisher Law Office brings 43 years of experience to every case we handle and as such can guarantee that your legal crisis will be handled with the compassion, understanding, and professionalism it deserves.

About Us

Founder and lead lawyer, James Richard Lisher, JD, is extremely well versed in all aspects of the law and boasts an extensive resume including:

  • AB. Ind. U., 1969. JD,
  • 1975. Bar: Ind. 1975, U.S. Dist Ct (so. dist) Ind.
  • 1975, U.S. Supreme Ct
  • 2000. Assoc. Rafferty & Wood, Shelbyville, Ind.,
  • 1975.  Rafferty & Lisher, Shelbyville, Ind.,
  • 1976-77; dep. prosecutor Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office, Shelbyville
  • 1976-78; ptnr. Yeager, Lisher & Baldwin, Shelbyville
  • 1977-96; pvt. Shelbyville
  • 1996-. Chief Public Defender
  • 2000-. Speaker, faculity advisor Ind. Pros. Sch.
  • 1986. Editor: (manual) Traffic Case Defenses
  • 1982, First Law Office
  • 1998. Bd. Dirs. Girls Club of Shelbyville
  • 1979-84, Bears of Blue River Festival, Shelbyville
  • 1982-2002; pres. Shelby County Internat. Rels. Coun.
  • 1997-2003.  With USNR
  • 1969-75. Recipient Citation of Merit, Young Lawyers Assn. Mem. ATLA, VFW, Nat Assn. Criminal Def. Lawyers, Ind. Pub. Defender Assn., Ind. State Bar Assn. (bd. dirs. young lawyer sect
  • 1979-83, bd. dirs. gen. practice sect
  • 1996-98, treas. 1997-98, vice-chmn.
  • 1998-99, Chmn. 2000-01), Who’s Who in the World –
  • 1989 – current, Who’s Who in the Midwest –
  • 1995 – current, Who’s Who in America –
  • 1996 – current, Who’s Who in American Law –
  • 1995 – current, Who’s who in Finance and Industry –
  • 1996 – 2001, Shelby County Bar Assn. (sec-treas. 1986, v.p. 1987, pres. 1988) Ind. Prosecuting Attys. Assn. (bd. dirs. 1985-95, sec.-treas. 1987,  v.p. 1988, pres. 1990)
  • Columbia Club, Indianapolis
  • Elected Shelby County Prosecuting Attorney 1983-1995
  • Law practice management of the Indiana Bar Association


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